Ideas & Words to Go With Them

About Me


What I believe


I believe in the power of an idea and in the story that makes it come alive. Ideas must be inspired by well-conceived brand strategies; no strategy, no idea. After that, any creative execution, no matter how seemingly far-fetched, that supports the strategy is fair game. I help develop the strategies, realize the ideas and craft the executions — in some cases even when they don’t call for words. And I believe that a strong idea can be manifested in any medium on any platform through any channel.


What I'd Like to Do for You

Write stuff. Ads, brochures, web pages, concepts, strategies, ad-like objects for research—pretty much anything you're looking for. I play well with others and am comfortable making presentations to clients or total strangers as necessary.


I'd really, really rather not do it full time. Been there, done that, have the scars and analysts' bills to prove it.


What You Can Do Here

I've posted some TV,  some radio and some ads for your amusement and perusal. That's really what this site is for—that and making it quite obvious that I'm not a web page designer.

My Reel

Here's a bunch of TV—some old, some not so much.


I know, radio is a little off the beaten track these days. But for those of you who use it, you can have some fun with it.